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HSA 26

A fast, precision cutting tool in the palm of your hand.

HSA 26

A fast, precision cutting tool in the palm of your hand.

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> Description

Whether it is precise trimming of ornamental plants or pruning and cutting small shrubs and grasses, the HSA 26 battery-powered garden shears deliver unparalleled precision and power for the discerning gardener. Ideal for urban or suburban homeowners living in noise-sensitive areas. With proven blade geometry from STIHL and cutting speeds faster than the previous model, the HSA 26 provides more precise and cleaner cuts, improving plant appearance. And with its lightweight construction, ergonomic design, rubberized grips, and two easily interchangeable blades, gardeners and nursery pros get the comfort, control and flexibility they need. The HSA 26 joins a growing family of battery-powered tools operating on the AS battery platform and puts a new level of power and performance in the palm of your hand.

> Specifications




0.7 kg w grass shear cutting attachment, no battery; 0.8 kg with shrub shear cutting attachment, no battery


Hedge shear: 20.0 cm (7.9 in.); Grass shear: 12.0cm (4.7 in)




Up to 120 min (grass shear); up to 80 min (hedge shear)