General FAQs

  • Why are STIHL products orange?

    • According to Dr. Nikolas Stihl, in the early days of STIHL the products were colored a dark red. In the early 1970s it was decided that STIHL needed a more modern look and several branding changes were made. One was to change the color to a more dynamic, bright and modern color choosing orange. Other changes included changing the logo and creating a specialized typeface. The orange over grey combination is now a registered trademark of STIHL.

  • My instruction manual says not to run the product at full throttle for the first 2 to 3 tanks of fuel mix. Why is this?

    • This can cause internal engine damage. STIHL recommends that you do not run your engine at wide open throttle without a load. A blower is under a load at all times, a trimmer is under a load as long as the trimmer head is in place and the line is to the correct length. A chainsaw is under a load when the bar and chain are in a cut.

  • Why doesn't STIHL provide SRP on their website?

    • Dealers are privately owned, and they have total control on how pricing is set. Indokita Makmur sells equipment and parts to only authorized dealers. They, in turn, sell to sub-dealers or end users in the territories they service. Once the Dealer purchases the equipment or parts, he owns them and can price them however he feels appropriate. Indokita Makmur provide an SRP list to the Dealers. However, as the Dealers are privately owned, they can choose to follow the MSRP list or price the items at their discretion. 

  • Doest STIHL sell factory seconds or refurbished trimmers, blowers or chainsaws?

    • STIHL does not sell or refurbish products.

  • What is the correct oil mix for my older STIHL chainsaw, trimmer, or blower?

    • STIHL recommends a 50:1 mix when using STIHL branded two-cycle mix oil (100 ml of STIHL branded oil for 5 L of premium gasoline) on all of our gasoline-powered equipment.

  • Will a 10% (E10) blend of ethanol hurt my gas-powered STIHL product?

    • ll STIHL gasoline-powered engines can be used with up to a 10% (E10) blend of ethanol in the gasoline/engine oil mix. We also recommend that if a unit will be left unused for more than 30 days that it be stored "dry." This means emptying the fuel tank and then restarting and letting the unit run until all the fuel is consumed and the engine stops. For maximum performance and engine life expectancy, we also recommend using STIHL 2-cycle engine oil.

      Note: STIHL recommends use of fuel with no more than 10% ethanol content. Using fuel with greater than 10% ethanol content may cause damage to your equipment and may void your STIHL warranty.

  • What dangers does E15 gasoline pose?

    • Check out this article to learn everything you need to know about the new ethanol regulations and the harm E15 gasoline can cause your gasoline-powered engines.

  • I need a part for my STIHL product. Who do I contact?

    • Your local STIHL dealer is the only way to obtain parts for your STIHL product. STIHL normally continues to manufacture repair parts for 10 years after the last production of a product and continues to sell them for as long as supplies last.

  • How can I get the latest STIHL catalogue?

    • You can view STIHL's worldwide catalogue  here.